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Women's Ministry

Women's Christmas Breakfast: Sharing by Ian Rogers
Women's Christmas Breakfast: Sharing by Jill Rogers
Session 1-Bringing Light to a Dark World Podcast
Session 2-Bringing Light to a Dark World Podcast
Session 3-Bringing Light to a Dark World Podcast
Session 4-Bringing Light to a Dark World Podcast


God’s Design For Motherhood, part 2
Missionary Minute
How Machines Are Enslaving the Human Race and Why We Don’t Care
Are You Raising a Little Pharisee?
Crazy Busy
Peacemaking–Biblical Conflict Resolution
Show Them Jesus-Ch. 5
Giving the Gospel in Everyday Life
Show Them Jesus – Ch. 6
Missions Sharing – Ling Family
Sibling Relationships 1
MnM Caregiver Appreciation
Adoption, Affliction & the Fatherhood of God
Identity in Christ
Me Time:  Devotion, Discipline, Delight
Talking to our Kids about Tough Things
"Discipline" by Karen Akiyoshi
January 20, 2017: It's a Tiring Job and a Wonderful Life! by Stacey Hom
February 3, 2017: Keeping Our Focus on the Right Things When Raising Our Kids by Kelly Sasaki
March 4, 2017: Family Matters by Pastor Cory Ishida
March 17, 2017: Bad Mommy Days by Jennifer Kira
April 4, 2017: Marriage in the Trenches by Jill Rogers
April 21, 2017: Parenting On Our Knees by Jennifer Oei
May 5, 2017: Glimpses of Grace by Cami Chang
October 20, 2017: Forgiveness by Lisa Wong
November 3, 2017: Using Consequences to Train Your Children by Kelly Sasaki
January 19, 2018: The Captain in the Storm by Christie Gilmore
February 2, 2018: The Bible's Answers to Mommy Challenges by Lyndsey Shiraki
February 16, 2018: Enjoying our Children by Stacey Hom
March 2, 2018: The Power of Story by Jennifer Oei
March 16, 2018: Cultivating Thankfulness by Karen Akiyoshi


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